Remodeling Tips

The 7 Best Home Renovation Ideas (If You’re On A Budget!)

Home remodeling is an expensive prospect. You can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars renovating each room in your home – and many people simply don’t have that kind of money to spend on a remodel.

At Rare Renovations, we understand this. But even if you don’t have a big budget, there are still quite a few things you can do to make your home a better place to live – and increase its value and curb appeal. Here are a few of our favorite home renovation ideas that you can pull off on a tight budget!


  1. Change Your Doorknobs, Handles, And Hinges

You would be surprised at how much of a difference this can make. Old, rusted, or worn-out door hardware such as hinges and handles can really age your home – and make it less appealing.

Consider investing in new, high-quality stainless-steel door hardware. With proper care, these fixtures will easily last you for decades, and add a more modern flair to your home.


  1. Replace Your Blinds Or Curtains

Worn-out blinds and curtains are unsightly – and you can really change the way your home looks simply by replacing them. If you’ve got a set of old Venetian blinds, for example, you could replace them with a brand-new set of wood-style or bamboo blinds.

Choosing new blinds that accent the natural beauty if your home is a great way to make it feel different and more comfortable – and they’re super cheap!


  1. Furniture Covers Are Your Friend!

Got a worn-out couch or easy chair, or a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your home? Invest in a new furniture cover!

Furniture covers are affordable and can be purchased for just about every piece of furniture in your home. If your furniture is in good shape, but doesn’t quite fit your style anymore, this is a fantastic way to prolong its lifespan.


  1. Paint, Paint, Paint!

A fresh coat of paint can truly do wonders when it comes to home renovation. If you choose to paint a room yourself, you can easily get it done over a weekend – and for less than $100! Got a kitchen that feels cramped? Painting it with a color such as beige or light gray can make it feel more airy and spacious!


  1. Replace Cabinet Doors

Everyone wants new kitchen cabinets. But a full set of new cabinets can easily cost you more than $500 per square foot – so unless you’ve got quite a bit of cash set aside, that’s going to be out of reach.

However, cabinet refinishing is quite affordable. Instead of replacing your entire cabinet, you can just replace the doors and hardware. This can make your kitchen much more aesthetically appealing – and usually, it only costs between $1,000-$3,000, depending on your selected material.


  1. Replace Switchplates And Electrical Covers

Switchplates and electrical covers go through a lot. They tend to get scratched, stained, and yellowed. So replace them! You can get new covers for just a few dollars at major home improvement stores.
If you’re painting your home, this is the perfect time to replace switchplates and electrical covers, because you’ll be removing them anyway to get the perfect finish on your walls.


  1. Refinish Those Floors!

If you have hardwood floors that are scuffed and scratched, you can seriously improve their appearance by having them refinished. The cost of restoring the average room is usually somewhere between $350-900, so it’s very affordable.


Beautify Your Home On A Budget – With These Tips!

At Rare Renovations, we believe everyone deserves a gorgeous home – even if they can’t afford a comprehensive home remodel. So check out these simple tips on how you can beautify your home – even if you can’t afford to spend a bundle on professional remodeling services!