Remodeling Tips

Kitchen Renovation Preparations: What to Know Before You Remodel

You got it all on paper, and now you think you are ready to call a professional to help with your kitchen remodelingOr do you? Have you ever thought about who you should call first: the kitchen designer, electricians, contractors or installers?

In fact, no guide can help with all your desires and preferences. Your ideas belong to you, and before you commit to taking any action, you must decide on the most important things you want to change.

Start Sketching

Take pictures of your kitchen and start sketching your remodeling ideas on paper. Try thinking about different appliances, finishes, countertops, colors and so on. Or hire a freelancer to do this with something fancier like proper design tools such as, a live kitchen remodeling on the computer. It’s straightforward, and it will make the upfront preparing for renovation a lot easier.

Can I Do It Alone?

Take into consideration how much you can do on your own that can meet your needs and how much help you can afford. Maybe you don’t have to spend a penny with a professional designer if all you want to do is give your old cabinets a fresh coat of paint.

Do your homework and plan your budget carefully. If the backsplash behind the stove is the most important thing for you, budget there and spend less somewhere else.

Ask for References

Choose your contractors wisely and always ask to see their license. Maybe you’re not comfortable with the answers you get, or you’re skeptical about their online testimonials. In this case, you may as well ask your friends for referrals; they would be more than happy to help you.

Take Your Time and Ask for Permits

Consider time as well as budget because sometimes things tend to take a lot longer than you may allow. If you need permits, then that would add to your schedule too. Check with your homeowner association and find out if there are any rules about construction. Some of them can be pretty strict.

Define Your Priorities

The biggest mistake would be to choose appliances or other products during a renovation. Make sure you order everything you need before you start the kitchen renovation process. Ask professionals for help and let them know your preferences and what budget you have for every change you want to make.

Take the Right Measurements

Empty your kitchen and take all the measurements you need. Make sure you order the right dimensions for appliances, so you don’t bump into cabinets with every door you open. Most importantly, jot down the measurements for the kitchen island as it might be the place where you spend the most time cooking.

Protect other Rooms While Renovating

Another significant thing you should consider during kitchen remodeling is to make sure all the other rooms are protected from dust and debris. There are many solutions you can use, such as plastic door shields with zippers, poly films or partition walls. In case you choose to hire a professional team, they will take some protective measures.

Choose the Best Lightening

Make the best choice you can or ask for help when looking for pendants. Even the brightest overheads can cast shadows while you are working. Take into consideration under cabinet lights which can make cooking easier. Another thing you should do is checking consumer reports ratings, and looking for product reviews.

Bottom Line

You should have a general idea of what things are going to cost. Make a list of what you need: cabinets, plumbing, electrical, labor. Changing your mind during kitchen renovation may cost you big money so a wise move would be hiring a professional team like Rare Renovations to help you with everything from start to finish.